On occassion, we will post surveys to collection information and feedback on a variety of issues. See below for specific surveys.

2018 Needs and Opportunities Survey

As part of an ongoing effort to gather information in support of church planning efforts, we are conducting a survey consisting of three questions. (An optional freeform response for additional comments is also provided.) Responses are intended to reflect your preferences and opinions. You may make recommendations regarding ongoing activities or suggest new ones. Responses may be general or specific. You are not required to provide a plan for how the activities would be implemented; that will be done separately.  

Responses are due by November 19, 2018.  A report with survey responses will be posted shortly afterwards.

You may complete the online survey by clicking here. (Survey will open in a new tab or window.)

Or you may download the pdf survey form and complete the survey offline. Completed surveys may be returned to the church office, placed in the suggestion box next to the church office, or sent by email to